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Hydro Extrusion Spain employs nearly 600 people in Spain. We have manufacturing plants in La Roca del Vallès (Barcelona), La Selva del Camp (Tarragona), Irurtzun (Navarra) and Pinto (Madrid). We also have a surface treatment plant in Santa Oliva (Tarragona), and an aluminium casthouse in Navarra, as well as aluminium building system activities in Madrid, Barcelona and Miranda de Ebro (Burgos).

La Roca

We deliver aluminium solutions for transportation, automotive, General Industry and Construction.

Hydro Extrusion Spain S.A.U. Planta de La Roca P.I. Can Font de la Parera C/ Esteve Terrades, s/n 08430 La Roca del Vallès Barcelona
+34 937 07 82 00 +34 938 12 20 27 Kontakt Standort

La Selva

We offer micro-extrusion and precision profiles for furniture, lighting, shower cabins, and more.

Hydro Extrusion Spain S.A.U. Planta de La Selva Pl Millenium, Avda del Aluminio, s/n 43470 Tarragona La Selva del Camp
+34 977 30 70 00 +34 977 30 70 01 Kontakt Standort


We deliver aluminium solutions for transportation, automotive, and general industry applications. Own Casthouse.

Hydro Extrusion Spain S.A.U. Planta de Navarra Aralar Kalea 9 31860 Irurtzun Navarra
+34 948 50 71 00 +34 948 50 71 30 Kontakt Standort


We deliver aluminium solutions for general industry and building and construction applications.

Hydro Extrusion Spain S.A.U. Planta de Pinto Pol. Ind. La Estación Cormoranes, 18 28320 Madrid Pinto
+34 916 91 54 11 Kontakt Standort

Santa Oliva

We are experts in surface treatment.

Hydro Extrusion Spain S.A.U. Planta de Santa Oliva Pol. Industrial l'Albornar Montmell, Nr 1, 43710 Tarragona Santa Oliva
+34 977 16 91 18 +34 977 68 90 65 Kontakt Standort

Sapa Building Systems Barcelona

Sapa Building Systems España Camí de Ca n'Ametller 18 08195 Barcelona Sant Cugat del Vallés
+34 935 73 77 77 https://www.technal.com Kontakt Standort

Sapa Building System Madrid

Sapa Building Systems España C/ Príncipe de Vergara 84 28006 Madrid 
+34 918 02 96 15 http://www.technal.es Kontakt Standort

Sapa Building System Miranda

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Sapa Building Systems España C/Ayuelas 17 Poligono Industrial de Bayas 09200 Burgos Miranda de Ebro
+34 947 11 23 45 https://www.sapabuildingsystem.com Kontakt Standort

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Meet our employees

Meet Moisés

Moisés Moraleda is financial controller for Hydro in Pinto. He knows about working in a changing and challenging environment. As a supporter of Real Madrid football club, he also knows the difference between individual talent and teamwork.

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Case studies

An expert in the electrical sector

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, and its density is around three times lower than copper. These properties allow the metal to meet the demanding requirements of the electrical sector. Valgañón Metal Cable knows all about this.

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