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From small to BIG, profiles that suit your needs

Small - Medium - Big - Long - Wide - Thin - Strong - Lightweight 

Image Big Profiles made in Benelux.jpg

In Benelux we have no less than 6 production facilities.

In The Netherlands our teams are at your service in 
Drunen, Harderwijk and Hoogezand

And in Belgium we are at your service in 
Lichtervelde, Raeren and Ghlin

In total we dispose over 8 extrusion presses in these locations.

With our smallest press in Raeren, we make profiles with diameters down to 5 mm and weight of 30 grams per meter.
Our largest press offers profiles as wide as 620 mm and weight up to 65 kilos per meter. 

The wi(l)dest range in aluminium profiles

Image Small and Medium Profiles.jpg

Small and Medium Profiles

With the smallest press in Benelux, we make profiles with a diameter of 5 mm and a weight of up to 30 grams per meter.

Image Production of BIG profiles.jpg

BIG aluminium profiles

Our biggest extrusion press in Lichtervelde offers press force of 8200 tonnes. This means we can increase the width of the profiles to a full 620 mm wide, a weight of 65 kg per meter and up to 26 meters long.