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High-finished aluminium trim and accessories

Hydro offers design, development and system integration for car interior applications. Aluminium is perfect for interior applications because it looks good and it can protect the car from damage.

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We offer high-finished trim parts, including decorative trim around door openings, behind door handles, on dashboards and throughout the interior of the car. Whether it is matte or shining, embossed or stamped, we can show you how to use aluminium best. 

Understanding microstructure development

Advanced scanning electron microscopy can provide a fundamental understanding of microstructure development during the processing and fabrication of aluminium alloys. This shows how different aluminium constituents influence the final properties.

Aluminium trim in automotive

All our parts are manufactured from durable high-quality aluminium extrusions, using the alloy best suited to your application. Experienced international program management teams and dedicated plants manage all customer projects.

Contact us today so we can begin discussing your automotive project from the idea phase. 

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Why aluminium in cars

In the quest of making lighter cars, aluminium and other lightweight materials are replacing steel.

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