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Innovative aluminum solutions

From cruise ships to LED lights, windows, air conditioners and hundreds of products in between. Hydro’s experts help design, extrude and manufacture the parts that shape your world.

The world's largest aluminum solutions partner close to you.

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Building & Construction

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Buildings have many stakeholders. Architects, specifiers, metal fabricators, developers, investors, homeowners. We can support your project from the earliest stages through to building occupation and beyond.


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From cruise ships to heavy trucks, efficient use of aluminum provides the construction of safer and lighter vehicles enabling higher payload, less maintenance and lower fuel consumption.


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Aluminum's properties make it ideal for applications in outdoor environments. We can show how extruded aluminum solutions will save you costs in several ways.


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Automotive makers use a variety of materials from steel to aluminum, glass, plastics and special fibers. If you are in the business of making vehicles, you will find aluminum extrusions give you endless opportunities.

Industrial Design

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The material is the starting point that shapes the form and function of your product. We work with industrial designers and engineers in every industry and can help shape your product with the use of our aluminum extrusions and knowledge.


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From power chargers to oil and gas installations to industrial wind turbines, the energy industry has made aluminum its material of choice.


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The world is getting warmer and populations across the world are achieving higher standards of living. Aluminum meets the need for more environmentally conscious indoor climate control.

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Replacing copper in automotive battery cables

LEONI Kabel is replacing copper with aluminum in its automotive battery cables to save money and reduce weight. There is no difference in performance.

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