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Aluminum extrusion's endless opportunities

The advantages of aluminum are to a great extent based on their manufacturing method. Extrusion provides unique construction and design possibilities.

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The extrusion process starts with ingots of aluminum alloy. We cut these into smaller logs, or billets, and heat them in an induction furnace to the right extrusion temperature.

The heated billet is forced through a die under great pressure, and the finished extrusion is squeezed out of the die like toothpaste from a tube. It is then cooled using air or water.

Aluminum extrusion

With the extrusion process, aluminum can be shaped in almost any way desired. This provides unique construction and design possibilities, which is a good foundation for creating products that contribute to sustainable development.

Once cooled, the extrusion is stretched to relieve any stress and to give it the desired straightness. We check surface quality and the dimensions that are important to the function of the profile. It is then cut to a suitable length, or to the length requested by you.

The final strength of the material is controlled through natural or artifical aging.

We have extrusion presses in all sizes at manufacturing locations near you, and the technical competence that makes sure you receive exactly what you need.

Contact us today. We would love to begin working with you.

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