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This aluminum training is for you

Profile Academy is an enlightening educational seminar on aluminum extrusions. During this two-day event, Hydro experts will educate participants on a variety of aluminum topics, from metallurgy to design optimization.

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Hydro’s Profile Academy is one of many ways that the company works to provide value to its customers. Attendees walk away with a deeper understanding of aluminum and how to optimize their products. This two-day educational event includes presentations from both internal and external aluminum experts on topics such as aluminum metallurgy, extrusion design, coatings, new technologies and more.
Peter Hedman, Director of Advanced Product Development & Communications for Extrusion North America, has played an integral part in Profile Academy since its North America launch in 2009. “Through Profile Academy, participants become more proficient in designing aluminum profiles,” he says. These events give attendees the opportunity to bring their specific extrusion designs in for discussion.

“Often, customers will bring us a complicated profile with features that are difficult or impossible to achieve. After learning about the basics of aluminum design and seeing a few clever solutions in the first day of the academy, participants frequently grab one of our team and we’re off drawing.”

Hydro Profile Academy Plant Tour

A key element of good extrusion design is understanding the production process. “We openly discuss cost drivers,” Hedman says. “If you don’t know much about the manufacturing process, it is difficult to design profiles that are cost-efficient.” By presenting good design principles in addition to the extrusion process and fabrication considerations, attendees are given the tools to not only create an optimized aluminum extrusion, but an entire part or product.

Since the program's North American inception in 2009, Profile Academy has hosted more than 2,600 guests at over 60 events. Interested in attending a Profile Academy in 2018?

Learn more HERE.

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