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Always innovative with aluminum

You can never learn enough about aluminum because the identity of the metal is constantly changing. We work on your new applications all the time.

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Aluminum application development

Our development centers work for you. Each is dedicated to specific parts of the business, from building systems to heat transfer tubing to general extrusion applications. This includes fully equipped laboratory facilities and links with major technical institutions throughout the world.

Helping you develop

We offer technical and application development support from all our manufacturing plants. We also have specialized engineering teams at R&D centers in the United States, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Metallurgy and product design

We put our development people close to you. These are experts with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, metallurgy, machining and product design. They offer:

  • Product design development
  • EDM prototyping
  • Corrosion testing
  • Strength and thermal simulations
  • Product simulation
  • Metallurgy and alloy development

Contact us and make an appointment to discuss your project.

Building & Construction

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Buildings have many stakeholders. Architects, specifiers, metal fabricators, developers, investors, homeowners. We can support your project from the earliest stages through to building occupation and beyond.


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The world is getting warmer and populations across the world are achieving higher standards of living. Aluminum meets the need for more environmentally conscious indoor climate control.

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An offshore project unlike any other

The story behind System 2000 Group's aluminum extrusion-based application for the Rowan Norway offshore drilling rig is as successful as it is inspiring. It protects employees during drilling operations and enables 100 percent drilling productivity.

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Jaguar Land Rover is shining with aluminum

Jaguar Land Rover is considered a world leader in the area of aluminum body construction for cars. One of its development partners is Hydro.

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