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Moving boundaries with aluminum research

Our researchers take part in the business and technical development of products and processes that customers need to succeed.

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Aluminum research team

Hydro Technology is the name of Hydro's research group. Our researchers work to move the boundaries with design solutions that take advantage of the properties of aluminum from a technical as well as an economic point of view.

Academic partners

We work with major academic institutions around the world. Our partners include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michigan Technological University, the Univeristy of Oxford, and the Norwegian University of Science & Technology.

With bases in the United States, Sweden, and Norway our research group works with development teams around the world to support customer projects and to ensure a longer-term view with regard to aluminum solutions. Focus areas are:

  • Improvement of existing products and processes
  • Technical service and trouble shooting
  • Enabling technologies / innovation / intellectual property

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Unigrain profiles target a common form of waste

Peripheral coarse grain problems are a major cause of waste and increased costs for manufacturers who are using extruded aluminum profiles in 6082-type alloys in forging and machining.

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Automating production to stay ahead

BerryAlloc is using a local supplier in a high-cost country to manufacture the aluminum skirtings for its new wet room panels and laminated floor products. Hydro's smart use of technology and service excellence is the reason why.

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