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Improve your resource efficiency

Our aim is to enable a more circular economy through our remelt facilities, where we sort and remelt used and scrapped aluminum. Half of the metal we offer customers has been recycled.

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Aluminum resource efficiency

Recycling scrap aluminum requires only about 5 percent of the energy used to make primary aluminium. 

In Europe, about 95 percent of the aluminum used in automotive applications and commercial buildings is recycled.

Internal scrap recycling

Resource efficiency is important to you. This is why we invest in improving the productivity at our 20 casthouses, and in setting up new ones. More than 50 percent of all aluminum in our production stems from internal scrap recycling and billets of remelted aluminum provided by external suppliers.

Custom alloys

We remelt aluminum around the world. With this network, we can develop custom alloys with the specific properties that you require. And which improve your resource efficiency.

Contact us so we can begin discussing how to reduce the environmental footprint of your products.

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Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable

We deliver around 1.4 million metric tons of aluminum products to customers every year. More than half of the metal had been used and recycled.

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Return your aluminum poles for eternal life

Sapa is supporting the municipal sustainability goals in six Dutch cities by taking their old aluminum light poles and turning them into new ones.

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