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New applications, new alloys

The growth of aluminum use in new markets and applications is leading to growth in the number of registered alloys.

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More than 540 aluminum alloys

The U.S. Aluminum Association works with the industry to register new aluminum alloys, or compositions. When the system was developed in 1954, the list included 75 unique chemical compositions. It now covers more than 540 registered compositions.

More will come, due to the growing demand for aluminum in new applications, markets and industries.

How to select the right aluminum alloy

Would you like to learn more about how to select the right aluminum alloy?  Please read more or download our alloy data sheets.

Aluminum alloys for extrusion mainly have the following series numbers:

  • 1000 series – 99 percent minimum aluminum
  • 2000 series – Aluminum + Copper
  • 3000 series – Aluminum + Manganese
  • 4000 series – Aluminum + Silicon
  • 5000 series – Aluminum + Magnesium
  • 6000 series – Aluminum + Magnesium + Silicon
  • 7000 series – Aluminum + Zinc

Click here to learn more from our aluminum alloy data sheets for North America.

Contact us to discuss your product requirements and alloy needs.

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Why aluminum

The right alloy

We produce all standard and custom aluminum extrusion alloys and tempers, shapes and sizes, by both direct and indirect extrusion.

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Aluminum component for hybrid engines

Size is important, particularly when it comes to car engine manifolds. Hydro is manufacturing the world’s smallest manifold, an exclusive and innovative part for BMW's plug-in hybrid electric vehicle program.

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