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Moving to a circular economy

Aluminum has a life cycle that few materials can match. Our move toward a circular economy involves an emphasis on recycling aluminum.

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Recycling and reusing aluminum

Ore is mined and processed into aluminum. The metal is transformed into products. And when the lifetime of the product ends, it is recycled and reused in new products.

Aluminum can be recycled endlessly

Aluminum is like an energy bank. Only 5 percent of the energy required to produce primary aluminum is needed to remelt aluminum for new uses, with no loss in the quality of the metal. This makes sense environmentally and financially.

We offer sustainable materials for your products

Aluminum can be recycled infinitely, with no loss of quality. And recycling uses only a fraction of the energy that was required to produce the original metal. This makes obvious the environmental benefits of using recycled aluminum.

Sustainability is the reason why we invest in improving our casthouses and in setting up new ones. We also work with customers on designing products and solutions that facilitate easy disassembly, bringing us ever deeper into the circular economy.

Contact us today to learn more about using sustainable aluminum in your products.

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Return your aluminum poles for eternal life

Sapa is supporting the municipal sustainability goals in six Dutch cities by taking their old aluminum light poles and turning them into new ones.

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Tower in the sky with aluminum

Wind towers are built in sections and can stand more than 100 meters tall. CS Wind Vietnam builds the giant towers that support offshore wind turbines. They use lots of aluminum.

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