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3003/3103 alloys

These non-heat treatable alloys feature good corrosion resistance, workability and weldability. The 3003/3103 alloys develop strengthening from cold working only, and are typically used in the automotive and HVACR industries. They offer good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties that exceed 1xxx-series alloys. Applications include radiators for cars and air conditioning evaporators.

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Automotive makers use a variety of materials from steel to aluminum, glass, plastics and special fibers. If you are in the business of making vehicles, you will find aluminum extrusions give you endless opportunities.

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The world is getting warmer and populations across the world are achieving higher standards of living. Aluminum meets the need for more environmentally conscious indoor climate control.

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The material

Aluminum properties

Why should you use aluminum? Learn more about our favorite material and discover the opportunities.

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