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Spectrocoloration is a new and advanced technique for color anodizing. This technique offers new and more subtle effects.

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Advanced technology

Spectrocoloration allows the coloring of aluminium, while retaining its innate mechanical and aesthetic characteristics: metallic luster, metallic touch and its specific appearance.

When an aluminium profile is anodized, it is covered with a colorless, porous layer of alumina (3 to 25 microns). In the context of a "traditional" anodization, this layer of alumina is transparent and thus reveals the attractive natural color of the aluminium.

Spectrocoloration allows us to color this layer without using dye.

The concept is to modify the existing pores using a combination of chemical and electrical parameters. This computer process makes it possible to modify the orientation of the crystals constituting this layer. They will play a role of "prisms" by diffracting the light. Light is a wave, composed of a set of light rays each corresponding to a shade of color. Rainbows are the perfect illustration of it.

The alumina crystals on the aluminium profile will be sized and oriented according to the desired colors. Some wavelengths will be absorbed, others will be reflected; Our eye will only see reflected waves.


Like traditional anodizing, the thickness of the layer varies according to several classes of anodization, depending on the final destination of the product. 

A layer of 15 microns thick is generally applied outdoors. The corrosive atmosphere of the seaside requires 20 to 25 microns. On the other hand, in a protected interior, a layer of 5 to 10 microns is enough.

About anodizing

Anodizing is one of the most widely used surface treatments. The process consists of a number of treatment baths and is divided into preparation, anodizing, coloring (where applicable) and sealing. Natural anodizing requires no coloring. 

Added value

The anodization and therefore the spectrocoloration, bring to your profile:

  • A proven track record
  • A metallic appearance preserved or colored according to its end use and your choices and needs
  • Increased resistance to aggressive media
  • Excellent urban or marine performance

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