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Together we can shape modern manufacturing

From metallurgists to plant managers and accountants. The opportunities in Hydro are almost endless. Just like working with our metal.

Our work is all around you

Most of us never give a second thought to the people and insight that have gone into the parts that make a product. When the car protects the driver in a crash, when the large windows enable panoramic views, when the truck needs less fuel because it has shed weight, when the chairs can be perfectly stacked due to their curves and form – then Hydro’s work is done.

When a product functions safely, efficiently and reliably, it is the mark of the silent success of engineers, die designers, scientists, technicians, plant operators, designers and more. This is what working in Hydro is all about.

More than 22,800 people in approximately 40 countries, and in more than 100 locations.

We are metallurgists, inventory coordinators, chemists, accountants, shift supervisors, metallographers, plant controllers, communicators, sales managers, supply chain managers, IT specialists, customer service representatives, physicists, designers, mechanical engineers and technicians. Just to mention a few of the opportunities within our large organization.

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