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Why your passion should be aluminium

The versatility of aluminium never ceases to amaze. Light, strong and highly recyclable, it offers endless possibilities. Aluminium can transform to fit any application – from awe-inspiring bridges and efficient window solutions to minuscule automotive tubing.

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When global competence meets local expertise, when tradition meets innovation, with the freedom to explore, to be flexible, and the passion to find the ultimate solution – to us, that is the perfect match.

We are Hydro. Shaped by people that shape the future.

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Meet our employees

Meet Miriam

Miriam Uria likes running, which is good, because her work as supply chain director takes her to three different Hydro locations in Spain and Portugal.

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Meet our employees

Meet Floor

Growing up in the Netherlands near one of the largest manufacturing plants in Extruded Solutions, Floor Verhorst-Willems got to know Hydro. Now she is one of our sales managers.

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What we do

Innovation and R&D

We can offer you faster and better application development support than you can receive anywhere else in the aluminium extrusion industry.

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