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Training manual for HVACR aluminium

Hydro's new HVAC&R Applications Manual is for engineers, designers and purchasing professionals from companies that are manufacturing copper-based heat exchangers but considering aluminium solutions. It is for beginners, too.

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The manual is based on relevant knowledge about aluminium heat exchanger technology and corrosion resistance. It will help smooth your switch from copper tubing to aluminium.

The information is valid for the HVACR industry in all markets and regions.

Education in the correct use of aluminium solutions

The 88-page manual is the first in the industry with documented test results and technical argumentation supporting aluminium as the preferred metal to meet the future demands and regulations of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration market. (HVAC&R)

The objective of the manual is to educate manufacturers of HVACR heat exchangers in the correct use of aluminium solutions and the metal’s basic material properties, such as:

  • Corrosion
  • Alloys
  • Products
  • Coating solutions

Field-failure analysis and controlled testing

The material comes from test results, development projects, field-failure analysis and controlled testing in Hydro's research and development laboratories. The technologies presented are continuously updated and show state-of-the-art solutions today.

One conclusion is that moving from copper to aluminium can be done with great success, but that it is not as easy as selecting an alloy. It requires design work, learning and testing.

The knowledge reflected within the book is based upon competence that Hydro has built from over 30 years of experience in automotive and more than 10 years in HVACR.

Contact us with your questions about aluminium and HVACR, and we will put you in touch with the right expert. Interested in receiving your own copy of the HVAC manual? Send us your contact information.

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The world is getting warmer and populations across the world are achieving higher standards of living. Aluminium meets the need for more environmentally conscious indoor climate control.

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Education in aluminium

Increased knowledge is driving the use of aluminium, and we are proud to have educated thousands of customers in the use of aluminium.

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