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Making cars lighter, safer and recyclable

We design and manufacture aluminium components for your passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The aim is to shed weight, thereby boosting fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions, and to design for disassembly. 

Aluminium extrusion technologies

Hydro works with OEMs and top-tier suppliers in North America, Europe, and Asia. We serve as consulting engineers and as your manufacturing partner, utilizing aluminium extrusion technologies in structural and heat transfer applications.

The choice of materials is the first and most important factor for automotive design.

Your multi-material expert

We offer you unmatched R&D knowledge, including high-strength alloy development, with applied manufacturing skills in bending, machining, joining, surface treatment and assembly. 

Lightweight cars

Components and systems include roof rails, seat tracks and seating components, finished trim, structural parts, fuel systems and engine products, safety parts, radiators, structural components, brake lines, air coolers, battery boxes and more. 

A compact car is now almost as big as what a midsize car was 10 years ago.

We helped pioneer the substitution trend when the industry began replacing steel and copper with aluminium.

Contact us with your automotive project today.

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Aluminium components for London’s zero-emissions black cab

London Electrical Vehicle Company is using advanced lightweight aluminium components to improve the performance of its new zero-emissions taxicab and make it safer for passengers.

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Charge it with aluminium

Electric vehicles use lots of aluminium. Now the chargers that help power these cars are using aluminium, too. The Swedish company Chargestorm produces charging station solutions for electrical vehicles in collaboration with Hydro.

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