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Roof rails and high-class surfaces for your car

We are a full-service design, development and system integration supplier for roof rails and other decorative structural trim. Our global team works with carmakers across the world.

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From exterior trim to roof rail solutions

Hydro delivers aluminium components that meet the highest demands for corrosion resistance and finish. Our range includes specialized coatings that we developed to meet the problem of damage from the aggressive alkali chemicals being used more frequently in high-pressure car cleaning.

Why anodizing helps

Anodizing your aluminium extrusions creates a dirt-repellent surface and improves corrosion resistance. It provides a surface with electrically insulated coating and preserves the finish of the metal. And it creates a surface that is pleasant to touch.

High-end aluminium exterior components

Extruded aluminium roof rails are growing more popular. These are fastened on top of the vehicle and used to carry additional luggage and equipment. We use aluminium extrusions because they enable attractive, low weight and high-strength designs.

Other common exterior trim items that are manufactured with aluminium include:

  • Radiator grills
  • Window frames
  • Light rings
  • Door handles
  • Emblems
  • Antennas
  • Sun roof frames and components

Hydro can take on the entire assignment, from development and design to manufacturing, surface treatment, assembly, packaging and distribution.

Contact us so we can engange you in a dialogue with one of our automotive experts.

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Image pexels-photo-205211.jpeg
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