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Aluminium and photovoltaics

You can use aluminium solutions to build or assemble photovoltaic module frames, and mounting systems for photovoltaic modules.

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We offer module frames in a variety of surface finishes, designs and configurations – including an easy-to-assemble frame kit.

Innovative PV technologies

As photovoltaic modules become increasingly commonplace, the demand for a smart appearance and finish for solar power is also rising. This includes the frames.

Light aluminium in modules and frames helps make installation easier and less costly. Extrusion technology and built-in profile solutions also enable efficient assembly without welding.

Aluminium in architecture

Orientation and climate matter. A south-facing window should let winter solar heat in and be shaded during summer, while a north-facing window should be based on insulation needs. Aluminium solutions exist for all situations.

We offer a new type of frame that requires minimal machining. The profiles join up simply and securely, with no need for drilling, punching or other work. They also include an integral function for water drainage.

Building-integrated photovoltaics are the domain of our building systems brands Sapa, Technal and Wicona.

Contact us if you would like to learn more or dicuss the possibiltes of using photovoltaics in your buildings. 

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