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Aluminium for thermal management

You can now order coolers with long, thin fins. This is the base for a range of competitive cooling solutions that use aluminium.

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Extruded aluminium is superior to other metals as a heat dissipator. It beats cast aluminium with thermal conductivity that is twice as effective, and it outperforms copper with lower weight.

Cooling electronics and LEDs

We offer extensive experience in cooling electronics. We know the challenges in natural convection cooling and forced air convection, and can design the heat sinks that solve yours. How to cool LEDs? Ask us.

Our offer includes:

  • Heat sink design
  • Development expertise and resources
  • Advanced simulation and measuring equipment
  • In-house network of metal, mechanical, physical and chemical specialists

Contact us today so we can begin working on your thermal management needs.

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Materials for signs

The leading sign creator SignResource provides signage for companies to help promote awareness of their visual identity. Its key material is aluminium.

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