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Industrial Design

We offer a global engineering team with more than 1,000 members, ready to help you realize your ideas. You get the manufactured solution that you want.

Extruded aluminium is used in lawn chairs and lamps, medical instruments and electric motor housings, power tools for professionals and parallel bars for gymnasts. We offer solutions that meet virtually any engineering requirement.

Material selection and prototyping

The list of products is endless, because it is continuously changing. As industrial designers increase their understanding of the characteristics of aluminium, they are looking for ways to use the material in their designs. Is that you?

Contact us today. Let's talk about realizing the ideas you have in mind.

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See this project

Why not use aluminium and build the bike yourself?

"I started my bike company because no one was selling the bike that I wanted to ride," says Craig Gaulzetti. His business has accelerated with aluminium.

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Aluminium education

Hydro Design Academy

Those who do not pay attention to design will not be in business tomorrow. Are you interested in learning more about aluminium design?

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Electrical engineering

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Extruded aluminium profiles are perfect as a starting point for developing customized cooling solutions. We offer enclosures, cabinets and busbars to house your cables, and other electrical equipment.

General engineering

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Aluminium is popular for all kinds of industrial or consumer products due to its endless aesthetic possibilities.