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Electrical solutions with aluminium

Extruded aluminium profiles are perfect as a starting point for developing customized cooling solutions. We offer enclosures, cabinets and busbars to house your cables, and other electrical equipment.

Excellent heat transfer properties

Aluminium is the perfect alternative to copper when it comes to applications requiring electrical conductivity. Both metals have excellent heat transfer properties, but aluminium is much less expensive and far lighter.

This is suitable for applications where weight is a concern. In fact, aluminium is up to 70 percent lighter than copper.


Aluminium and LED lighting

Aluminium extrusions have become important in shaping lights and fixtures in the fast-growing market of LED lighting. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, aluminium offers thermal properties and myriad possibilities for built-in functions.

Aluminium alloy development

Hydro offers you the aluminium alloy that best matches your requirements. Our global research and application development team will support you wherever you are located.

Come to us for these products and more:

  • Equipment enclosures
  • Busbars
  • Computer installation cabinets
  • Electric motor housings
  • Heat sinks

Contact us today and let's discuss the project you have in mind.

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