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Aluminium bridge design

We offer advanced design aluminum bridge decking technologies that provide you with clear advantages over traditional steel and concrete construction.

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Bridge decking technologies

We offer two aluminium bridge decking technologies:

  • Aluminium isotropic deck technology
  • Aluminium orthotropic deck technology

Both have been successfully tried and tested on bridge deck projects for decades. Evaluations funded by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration show that aluminium decking is viable for many bridge applications.

Aluminium in bridges

Complete more projects, at lower cost and in less time – and also minimize traffic disruptions during rehabilitation and repairs.

Aluminium bridge

Aluminium bridge technologies are strong alternatives to traditional steel and concrete constructions because:

  • Aluminium facilitates rehabilitation versus replacement
  • The metal is easily and profitably recycled
  • Lower maintenance costs lead to lower lifecycle costs
  • Decreased dead load allows old bridges to be widened on existing substructure
  • Time is saved with pre-assembly options for bridge decks or bridge replacement

Contact Hydro with your bridge project and we will develop the aluminium solutions you need.

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