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Outdoor aluminium poles for every occasion

We offer aluminium solutions for outdoor lighting in the form of light poles, smart poles for smart cities, flag poles, and complete systems for traffic installations based on recycled aluminium and developed with safety and low maintenance in mind.

We offer customized as well as standardized light poles, traffic signal poles, sign posts, cantilevers and gantries, raise-and-lower poles, smart poles, anti-vandal poles, flagpoles as well as solar solutions.

Lightweight poles

The specific weight of aluminium is approximately 33 percent of that of steel. The typical weight of a pole with a height of six meters is approximately 20 kilograms. Light weight is an advantage as less metal is needed and savings are made on transportation costs.

Long lifespan

The lifespan of an aluminium pole is long, especially if the root section is effectively protected and the pole is installed with care.

Fully recyclable

The pole you purchase from Hydro is made of environmentally friendly and healthy materials and designed for reuse in a technical cycle. You also have the guarantee that you buy a product from a company that uses green energy and has a policy in which social responsibility is paramount.

When aluminium poles are replaced they can be returned to Hydro where we collect, buy and recycle them for eternal life.

Hydro's products fit perfectly with a circular economy. Our aluminum light poles are since 2011 Cradle to Cradle Certified™ silver.

Contact Hydro to discuss how we can help you design and select the right poles for your streets.

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