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Customized light poles

Design flexibility is one of the advantages of aluminium light poles. But the metal offers other benefits that you should consider before deciding on your road-lighting needs.

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Sustainable public lighting

Our broad range of light poles consists of conical and cylindrical stepped light poles. They are manufactured from seamless aluminium tubes and are supplied as standard in natural brushed aluminium. If required, we deliver the light poles anodized or electrostatically powder coated. We offer:

  • Post top light poles
  • Decorative light poles, custom-made and shaped by your ideas  
  • Light poles with brackets, often placed alongside roads, where the light is fixed at a distance from the pole, i.e. over the roadway
  • Accessories for all types of ground surfaces and for protection of the poles

Custom-made design

A unique urban plan requires unique lighting. The features and functions of your urban landscape demand customization. Solutions in the form of light poles can be unique, specially designed objects that complete the surroundings or add accents to the environment.

Low maintenance costs for cities

Maintaining your poles can be a burden. You may need to use a cherry picker to change lights that are broken or burned out. You might have to manage traffic, causing delays to drivers. 

In such cases, hinged poles that can be raised and lowered easily, can make maintenance easy and cost-effective. Our HiLo pole is your answer.

All our light poles are manufactured according to the EN 40 norm and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

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Light poles combine fashion with functionality
Light poles combine fashion with functionality

Light poles combine fashion with functionality in Zanzibar

The right solution for a development project in Zanzibar is bringing a new shine to Fumba Town. All-aluminium light poles now brighten the city with blue strip lighting at night, giving it a carnival atmosphere, and provide the functionality that is needed.

Image Going circular with Cradle to Cradle Certified™ light poles.jpg
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Going circular with Cradle to Cradle Certified™ light poles

A Cradle to Cradle Certified™ (C2C) light pole helps you reach your sustainability goals. The products are made from environmentally friendly and healthy materials and are designed for recycling in a technical circle. We make them for you.

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Image Al Bidda Park puts design into public lighting.jpg
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Al Bidda Park puts design into public lighting

The State of Qatar is carrying out a major renovation of Al Bidda Park in Doha. Scores of aluminium "smart" poles will give the park a progressive look that combines safety with aesthetics.

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Road safety improves with aluminium light poles

Bergamo Province has installed 181 new light poles in the city of Caravaggio because passively safe aluminium poles outperform traditional steel alternatives in the aspects the province considers most important to its residents.

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