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Crash-friendly poles

Have you ever thought of the impact of a car crashing into a tree? Even at low speeds, a tree crash can be fatal. This is not the case with aluminium lighting poles from Hydro.

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Hydro has been conducting crash tests for its pole products since the 1970s to investigate the safest constructions for your roads. This knowledge has led to a range of safe, secure and sustainable aluminium solutions, for all your lighting needs. 

  • We can offer a complete range of passive safe products (HE, LE, NE)
  • The poles are tested according to EN 12767
  • They are certified according to EN 40/ EN 12899 
  • The NE3 and HE3 poles have special built-in constructions
  • No special foundation is required

Aluminium saves lives

Accidents can easily happen. Even with low speeds, a collision can be fatal. Hydro's crash-friendly aluminium light poles reduce the risk of personal injuries after a collision, thus increasing road safety.

Making roads safer

Depending on your needs, we offer passive safe:

  • Light poles
  • Traffic signal poles
  • Sign posts

Do you want to better understand the complexities of passive safe poles?

Request our White Paper on passive safe light poles.

 Contact us to learn more about our aluminium poles and infrastructure solutions.

Available family classifications Sapa :
100NE3 100LE3 100HE3 70NE3
100NE2 100LE2 100HE2 70NE2
100NE1 100LE1
Image PassiveCaravaggio850x500.jpg
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Road safety improves with aluminium light poles

Bergamo Province has installed 181 new light poles in the city of Caravaggio because passively safe aluminium poles outperform traditional steel alternatives in the aspects the province considers most important to its residents.

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Return your aluminium poles for eternal life

Hydro is supporting the municipal sustainability goals in Dutch cities by taking their old aluminium light poles and turning them into new ones.

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