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Traffic signal poles for safe cities

Traffic on roads and in the public space continues to grow, and traffic poles can improve the safety picture. Aluminium poles will meet your requirements.

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Poles that resist corrosion

Aluminium traffic poles compete favorably with traditional steel alternatives. They are lighter than steel poles and sacrifice no strength, and easier to install. And unlike steel, an aluminium pole does not have to be disassembled for maintenance due to the material's excellent corrosion resistance.

We offer standard and customized aluminium poles for traffic lights, signage, signs and for supporting static traffic sign poles:

  • Gantries
  • Cantilevers
  • Sign posts
  • Traffic signal poles
  • Push button poles
  • Relevant accessories

Safety in public spaces

Traffic on our roads and in public spaces continues to grow. In order to increase the safety of all road users, it is important to guide traffic. Traffic Regulation Installations (TRI) play an important role in this matter.

Raise & Lower poles for easy and safe operations

Cameras and traffic lights require regular maintenance. The Raise & Lower poles from Hydro, called HiLo, can be operated manually due to the low weight of aluminium, allowing the carrying out of maintenance in a safe and secure manner. Because a cherry picker is no longer needed, you avoid the dangers of working at height and save significantly on the cost of maintenance and traffic management.

There are two different types of hinged mechanisms available depending on the type of pole. Both variants are crash friendly in accordance with the European EN 12767 standard.

Contact our experts to discuss and learn more about our traffic signal poles.

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Raise-and-lower traffic signal poles

Hydro is the first supplier of Raise & Lower Traffic Signal Poles for roads and streets, meeting the market demand for a safe and easy-to-maintain product.

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Materials for signs

The leading sign creator SignResource provides signage for companies to help promote awareness of their visual identity. Its key material is aluminium.

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