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Safety an aluminium benefit in buses

Safety is your first concern in passenger vehicles like buses. Aluminium has such an excellent ability to manage impacts, like a crash, that you should consider changing to aluminium components to make your buses safer.

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Savings costs for cities

Additional benefits from a lighter bus are cost savings and a contribution to a greener environment. We offer aluminium components and assemblies to bus manufacturers and their top-tier suppliers. These components are used in many applications, such as:


The product lineup includes front under-run protection systems, roof racks, roof bars, profiles for instrument panel beams and door structures – even interior applications like bed frames and tables.

Extrusions and wall thickness

Extrusions with uniform wall thickness are the simplest to produce, but wall thickness within an extrusion can easily be varied. For reasons of strength, it might be desirable to concentrate mass as far as possible from the neutral axis.


We offer aluminium solutions for high-pressure air and hydraulic manifolds, brackets, trailer bows and side under-run protection beams. 


Such applications include fan rings, manifolds, fuel rails, oil pipes and housings. 

Contact us today to find out how we can make your bus lighter and safer. 

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