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Modern marine applications use aluminium

Now is the time to consider using cost-effective and custom-made aluminium equipment for your cruise ships, mega-yachts, defense vessels and fast ferries. 

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Aluminium can help you obtain weight and production savings, and improve the quality and efficiency of your vessels through:

Weight reduction

Aluminium reduces weight without sacrificing structural strength.

Torsion strength resistance

The unique qualities of extruded aluminium component design provides you with exceptionally high torsion strength resistance.

Unmatched experience and expertise

We offer aluminium components that are designed to meet heavy structural loads and cope with aggressive environments. You will experience:

  • Significantly shorter assembly time
  • Little material distortion when applying friction stir welding, resulting in unmatched flatness tolerances

Aluminium is strong

Aluminium is very light, thanks to its low density. But extrusions can also be made strong and durable. It all depends on the application and the engineering behind it. In a ship, vessel designers can achieve weight savings of 40 percent over steel.

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Contact us today to find out how we can make your defense vessels lighter, stronger and more durable.

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SeaChange is Hydro's dedicated service for the marine and offshore industry.

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Panel Configurator

Use this tool to help design your panels, utilizing aluminium extrusions. It shows the options available with profile types, lengths, widths, wall thickness and certification. The panel configurator is available in English.

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