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Aluminium for passenger trains

Rolling stock builders are looking for lightweight designs and tailored manufacturing, for structural profiles and for exterior or interior components. We offer you even more.

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Rolling stock for train bodies

Aluminium is one of the main materials used in the construction of train bodies. Applications include:

  • Body sides (side walls)
  • Roof and floor panels
  • Cant rails, which connect the floor of the train to the side wall

Less finishing work

Aluminium in train car bodies offers light weight and a uniform and smooth surface – there are no “waves” in the metal, as with steel. This means less finishing work after assembly and reduced production time.

Super-large aluminium components with friction stir welding

And by using friction stir welding technology, we can offer you super-large components with thin walls. This means tight tolerances and lower costs.

Modern trains contribute toward the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions caused by passenger transport. Modern materials like aluminium reduce their mass, helping the environment even more.

Light weight with a uniform and smooth surface.

Contact us today to discuss your rail project with one of our aluminium experts.

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