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Meet Fabian

Since 2015, Fabian has been an apprentice trainer in the technical field in Nenzing. Responsibility and teamwork: these are the most important things he wants to convey to the apprentices.

Image Hydro Nenzing Lehrlingsausbilder Fabian Ganahl.jpg

Fabian has been apprentice trainer and coordinator in the technical field at Hydro in Nenzing since 2015.

What is special about your job as apprentice trainer?

I have the great opportunity to work on the development of an attractive technical apprenticeship program at the Nenzing location.

"I can bring in my ideas and values ​​and share my knowledge directly with others."

What are the challenges when working with young people?

The biggest challenge is to teach them the values ​​of Hydro and the technical know-how in the right way so that they can get a concrete picture. Often, intensive communication and close cooperation is very important. In addition, it is important to challenge the young people, but also to promote them at the same time.

What motivates you for your work?

I am motivated by the working environment at Hydro and knowing that my supervisors always have an open ear. I would like to especially point out the very good cooperation and teamwork between the different departments.

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