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Choosing the right aluminium alloy

Pure aluminium is relatively soft. To overcome this, the metal can be alloyed with other metals.

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Infinite number of aluminium applications

The extrusion process, combined with proper selection of alloy and quenching, provides an infinite number of applications and product improvements. Alloy 6060 offers a corrosion-resistant extrusion with an excellent finish.  Alloys can be improved by heat treatment after extrusion.

Our team of experts can develop solutions for virtually any application. We also have the resources and ability to create custom alloys for customers.

Choosing the right alloy

Substituting copper in HVACR heat exchangers requires careful planning, design and material selection. We have developed aluminium alloys that are tailored to cover most of the applications in the industry. They are available globally.

Helping to choose the right aluminium alloy

While the majority of our alloys are within the 6000 series, we extrude a wide variety of aluminium alloys.  

Our expert staff of metallurgists and engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists can provide the aluminium extrusion alloys and other services you need for your unique application.

Contact us for more information about aluminium alloys and your project.

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The material

Pure aluminium is relatively soft. To overcome this, the metal can be alloyed with other metals.

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What is an alloy?

Aluminium is not just aluminium. There are hundreds of different alloys and your product needs one. We will help you find it.

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Alloy list

The growth of aluminium use in new markets and applications is leading to growth in the number of registered alloys.

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The right alloy

We produce all standard and custom aluminium extrusion alloys and tempers, shapes and sizes, by both direct and indirect extrusion.

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Aluminium facts

Some of these aluminium facts are surprising. See for yourself.

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Aluminium life cycle

Aluminium has a life cycle that few materials can match. Our move toward a circular economy involves an emphasis on recycling aluminium.

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Aluminium properties

Why should you use aluminium? Learn more about our favorite material and discover the opportunities.

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Designing with aluminium

Translate your designs into fantastic products with the help of Hydro's aluminium experts and manufacturing processes.

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Design expertise

Aluminium extrusions can be shaped into almost any form required. Good thing, because you keep coming up with new uses for the metal.