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HS6110 alloy

This alloy has been tailored to meet the automotive industry's need for high strength – HS – or in this case, ultra-high-strength aluminium for applications such as bumper systems, crash management systems and side sills. Typically, these elevated strength requirements would involve the production of 7xxx alloys, but 7xxx is more difficult to extrude and more expensive.

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Body in white

Excellent energy absorption is one of the properties that carmakers, and insurance companies, value in our structural aluminium applications. We can make your car safer.

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Automotive makers use a variety of materials from steel to aluminum, glass, plastics and special fibers. If you are in the business of making vehicles, you will find aluminium extrusions give you endless opportunities.

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The material

Aluminium properties

Why should you use aluminium? Learn more about our favorite material and discover the opportunities.

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