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Press releases from Hydro

We distribute news and press releases regularly.

  • 02 Apr - 2018

    Hydro’s acquisition of Arconic's extrusion plants in Brazil completed

    Today, Norsk Hydro’s acquisition of Arconic’s two extrusion plants in Brazil was completed, strengthening Hydro’s downstream position in Brazil and creating a solid platform for further growth.

  • 08 Dec - 2017

    Hydro acquires Arconic's extrusion plants in Brazil

    Hydro Extruded Solutions AS has agreed with Arconic to acquire its two extrusion plants in Brazil. The agreement will strengthen Hydro's downstream position in Brazil and create a solid platform for further growth.

  • 18 Sep - 2017

    Sapa re-opens Welsh factory

    Norwegian-owned aluminium company Sapa is to re-open its factory in Bedwas to supply the growing automotive industry demand for lightweight body structure solutions.

  • 14 Jul - 2017

    Record quarterly result for Sapa in Q2

    Sapa improved its underlying EBIT in the second quarter of 2017, compared to the same period last year, ending the quarter at NOK 914 million. The quarterly result is the best in Sapa's history.

  • 10 Jul - 2017

    Union representatives on Hydro-Sapa match: 'Positive for employees'

    Union representatives from both companies were present during the signing of the agreement between Hydro and Orkla on Monday. The union representatives stand together behind one message: "This will be positive for employees in both companies."

  • 10 Jul - 2017

    Hydro acquires Sapa to create a global aluminium champion

    Norsk Hydro has agreed with Orkla to acquire its 50 percent interest in Sapa for a total enterprise value of NOK 27 billion, giving full ownership in the global leader in extruded aluminium solutions and making Hydro a leading force in the global aluminium industry.

  • 20 Jun - 2017

    Sapa Building System becomes Sapa

    Sapa Building System, one of the largest suppliers of aluminium building systems in the world and part of the Norwegian group Sapa, today announced the launch of its new brand, with the introduction of a new logo and visual identity.

  • 25 Apr - 2017

    Sapa’s annual report now available

    Sapa delivered strong financial results last year. Read more in Sapa's Annual Report 2016.

  • 25 Apr - 2017

    Sapa focuses on circular economy in new report

    Sapa's Sustainability Report 2016 is centered on the circular economy. "The world needs more sustainable production, and we have started to take increased responsibility in this area," says President & CEO Egil Hogna.

  • 19 Apr - 2017

    Sapa wins Alstom contract for aluminium-intensive high-speed train bodies

    Sapa will deliver to Alstom structural aluminium frames, solebars and end-wall profiles for rail carriages in high-speed trains that will be used by Amtrak in the United States.

  • 09 Feb - 2017

    Progress for Sapa in Q4

    Sapa improved its underlying EBIT in the fourth quarter of 2016, compared with the same period last year.

  • 04 Nov - 2016

    Investor briefing 2016

    Sapa hosted an investor briefing on November 3, 2016. During the presentation, Sapa gave an update on its financial and operational performance, followed by a Q&A session.

  • 25 Oct - 2016

    Sapa continues results improvement in Q3

    Sapa improved its underlying financial results in the third quarter of this year, compared with the same period last year.

  • 10 Oct - 2016

    Sapa showcases revolutionary aluminium brake line for cars

    Sapa has developed the first-ever automotive aluminium brake line using a high-strength aluminium alloy.

  • 19 Sep - 2016

    Machine upgrades bring thinner-walled aluminium products to rail industry

    Sapa is investing in new production lines at sites in Belgium and Sweden to meet the surging demand for larger and thinner-walled aluminium products in the rail industry.

  • 07 Sep - 2016

    Aluminium innovation gives stronger and lighter ship hulls

    Sapa is introducing to the marine industry super-large and light friction stir welded panels extruded with the marine-dedicated 5083 aluminium alloy. This new combination will enable shipbuilders to manufacture stronger hull structures while saving costs.

  • 02 Sep - 2016

    Scandinavian aluminium technology brings cost saving offshore

    Sapa is investing in new machinery offering super-large and light products for the offshore and maritime industry with equipment that can produce panels up to 18 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.

  • 15 Jul - 2016

    Strong improvement by Sapa in Q2

    Sapa's underlying EBIT result increased significantly in the second quarter of this year, compared to the same quarter of 2015. Earnings improved in all business areas.

  • 11 Jul - 2016

    Sapa becomes top supplier of Ford

    Sapa’s Cressona plant in Pennsylvania has become one of the first in the aluminium extrusion industry to receive Ford Motor Company’s Q1 Award.

  • 07 Jun - 2016

    Hydro, Sapa sign new long-term metal supply contract

    Norsk Hydro ASA (“Hydro”) and Sapa AS have signed a new metal supply contract for Europe to continue the long-term cooperation beyond the expiration of the current metal supply agreement between the parties.

  • 06 Jun - 2016

    Sapa invests in new site in southern France

    Sapa is consolidating its position in the aluminium extrusion sector in France by investing in new value-adding services in Le Garric, extending the company's ability to meet the growing needs of customers.

  • 27 Apr - 2016

    Sapa delivers record results in first quarter

    Sapa delivered its strongest first quarter since the company was established in 2013. The demand for lighter cars in both North America and Europe, resulting in aluminium substitution in the automotive industry, is contributing positively.

  • 06 Apr - 2016

    Sapa developing new ‘automotive’ alloy for high-strength applications

    Material research from Sapa has led to the encouraging development of a new aluminum alloy for automotive applications that require high-strength aluminum solutions.

  • 05 Apr - 2016

    Sapa opens automotive-focused R&D lab in Detroit

    Sapa Technology Americas is the first facility of its kind in North America dedicated to the research and development of extruded aluminum solutions for the automotive industry. The new lab facility opened its doors Tuesday in the Detroit suburb of Troy.

  • 11 Feb - 2016

    Sapa shows strong improvement in fourth quarter, full-year results

    Owners Orkla and Hydro today reported to the financial markets Sapa's results for the fourth quarter of last year and for the full year. Sapa showed good improvement.

  • 30 Oct - 2015

    Sapa continues improvement in financial results

    Sapa continued to improve its financial performance with a third quarter result that was significantly better than its result in the same quarter last year.

  • 22 Sep - 2015

    Sapa acquires aluminum casting plant in USA

    Sapa, the world leader in aluminum solutions, announced today it has completed an asset purchase agreement with Northwest Aluminum Specialties, Inc. to acquire its casting plant in The Dalles, Oregon.

  • 25 Aug - 2015

    Egil Hogna appointed new CEO at Sapa

    The Board of Directors of Sapa AS has appointed Egil Hogna (44) as the company's new President & Chief Executive Officer. He will replace Svein Tore Holsether on September 1, 2015.

  • 17 Jul - 2015

    Sapa shows healthy improvement in first half results

    Sapa has improved its underlying EBIT result by more than 70 percent this year, from NOK 505.6 million in the first half of 2014 to NOK 874.7 million in the first half of 2015.

  • 29 Apr - 2015

    Sapa’s results improve in first quarter

    Underlying EBIT for Sapa improved in the first quarter of this year, compared to the first quarter of 2014.

  • 02 Mar - 2015

    Sapa teams with Ford F-150 to create new aluminium solution

    Sapa, the world leader in aluminum extrusions, has announced its partnership with Ford to supply the all-new F-150 with structural aluminum tubing, and provide ongoing development support for future aluminum extrusion applications.

  • 05 Feb - 2015

    Sapa’s financial results improve in fourth quarter

    Sapa’s financial result, as measured in EBIT, increased in the fourth quarter of last year, compared to the same quarter of 2013.

  • 24 Oct - 2014

    Sapa shows year-on-year improvement in third quarter

    Sapa’s underlying financial results in the third quarter were lower than in the previous quarter, partly due to seasonally lower sales volumes in Europe, but were considerably higher than in the third quarter of last year.

  • 17 Jul - 2014

    Positive second quarter for Sapa

    Sapa achieved improved results in the second quarter of the year due to increased volume and the positive effects of its restructuring programs.

  • 07 Jul - 2014

    Sapa investing in MPE, aluminium tube capacity in India

    Sapa is investing in an aluminium extrusion press in Kuppam for the production of multi-port extrusions and drawn tubes for automotive and HVACR heat transfer applications. The company will become the first local manufacturer of such products in India.

  • 26 Jun - 2014

    Sapa will double capacity in Vietnam

    Sapa is doubling production capacity at its joint venture in Vietnam to support the growing local demand of high-value extruded aluminium products and solutions.

  • 01 Apr - 2014

    Sapa acquires UK-based aluminium components company

    Sapa is strengthening its range of advanced aluminium solutions with the acquisition of UK-based Holden Aluminium Technologies Ltd.

  • 02 Sep - 2013

    Sapa AS established as global leader in aluminium solutions

    Combining the aluminium extrusion operations of Sapa and Hydro has created the global leader in aluminium solutions with 23,000 employees and operations in more than 40 countries. The new company Sapa AS, a 50/50 joint venture owned by Orkla and Hydro, was established September 1.

  • 15 Oct - 2012

    Orkla and Hydro to form world's leading aluminium solutions provider

    Orkla ASA and Norsk Hydro ASA have agreed to combine their respective profiles, building systems and tubing business, creating the world's leading aluminium solutions provider. The new combined company, to be named Sapa, will be a 50/50 joint venture owned by Orkla and Hydro.