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More aluminium in trailers makes sense

Load up more on lighter trailers. Trailers that replace steel with aluminium components allow for a heavier load, uses less fuel, and are more environmentally conscious. 

Image Trailer - Sapa.jpg

More freight load on the trailer

By replacing steel components with aluminium, you will get much lighter trailers. This is a fact. You will also use less fuel and get to put more freight load on the trailer. This makes you a friend to the environment, and it saves you money.  

We deliver components to dry vans, refrigerated trailers and platform/flatbed trailers in all shapes and sizes.

Less weight means more freight. 

Aluminium design and application support

Aluminium can help you. And Hydro can help you with the material. We offer design and application support, with research and application development expertise that no other extruder can match.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you improve your trailer project with aluminium.

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Aluminium replacing steel in Maxon liftgates

No single-brand manufacturer delivers more liftgates for trucks than Maxon. Its products are saving weight with aluminium and benefiting from the good looks that customers want.

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