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Always close to you

Extruded Solutions in Hydro has a global presence with local manufacturing in approximately 40 countries.

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Extruded Solutions in Hydro has more than 100 locations and is present in approximately 40 countries. Most of the locations are manufacturing plants that work with you to develop your designs and then manufacture and deliver your products.

The one-company culture allows us to share the material and technical expertise we have globally, wherever you are located. You can always find a Hydro expert close to you, ready to talk about how aluminium can be applied to solve your challenges.

Our 22,800 employees know more about aluminium than most

Extruded Solutions employees have a common drive for success and a desire to serve customers. We have a worldwide reach with around-the-corner presence, serving local businesses and global customers with products we help design and create. We try to make the world lighter, safer, faster and more sustainable for the generations to come.  

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Working in Hydro

Get to know life in Hydro, and shape your career with us.

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About us

Corporate social responsibility

We aim to be transparent in our work and progress with environmental management, quality and product safety, human rights, working conditions, and anti-corruption efforts.

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