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Technical training in aluminium design

Increased knowledge is driving the use of aluminium, and we are proud to have educated thousands of customers in the use of aluminium.

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Designing in aluminium

Since the middle of the 1990s, Hydro has been the leading educator within aluminium systems. We provide more than 40,000 hours of technical training annually to external stakeholders worldwide. Including customers like you.

We offer training to customers, students and anyone interested in learning more about designing in aluminium. The courses are relevant for product designers and developers, technicians, engineers and architects across markets and industries. 

Hydro Profile Academy

Tutoring takes place in our Hydro Profile Academies and in customer and market-specific workshops. The trainers are among our 1,000 highly qualified engineers with backgrounds in material science, physics, chemistry, or mechanical engineering.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about aluminium solutions and would you like to join one of our training seminars.

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Aluminium design

Designing with aluminium is a statement of intent. It states your intent to produce a great product with a strong, light, durable, environmental and design-friendly material.

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Design manual

The Hydro Design Manual is the best resource in the industry for anyone wishing to use aluminium.

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Profile Academy

Hydro's Profile Academy is a two-day training session that is structured specifically for you.

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Webinar: Introduction to aluminium design with Tom Dixon

Learn more about design with aluminium in this free webinar with Hydro and Tom Dixon.