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Only sustainable business can be long-term business

Our mission is clear. We want to shape a sustainable future.

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Environmental actions and sustainability initiatives

Our annual sustainability report presents an overview of our sustainability initiatives. The content is based on what we consider the most material issues, given our business operations and their impact on the environment and society. The interests and concerns of our stakeholders have also been taken into consideration. Data has been consolidated to cover all operations.

Sustainability Report 

The Sustainability Report is an interactive PDF, adapted for reading on computer screens or tablets.

  • Our components contribute to better products
  • Better products contribute to a better world
  • We know and respect the communities where we are located
  • We reduce the negative impact on the environment
  • We make sure our people are safe, in a safe workplace

Sustainability Report 2016

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Why aluminium

Your aluminium solution is highly dependent on the composition and quality of the ingot, and the production processes used.

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About us

Ethics and compliance

Integrity and ethical behavior concern everyone in Hydro. Our steering documents and our Code of Conduct represent our framework for leadership, organization, and culture.

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