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Extruded Solutions Avintes

In Portugal, Hydro manufactures and markets extruded aluminium profiles, and offers surface treatment and added-value operations to transform the profiles into the solutions that meet customer specifications. Founded in 1982 and with more than 130 employees, the Avintes plant brings all its resources and more than 30 years of experience in aluminum solutions supply.

Hydro Aluminium Extrusion Portugal HAEP S.A. Avintes Travessa Nova das Alheiras 216 4415-272 V.N Gaia Pedroso
+351 22 786 5900 +351 22 786 5947 Contact location

B&C, transportation, Solar, General Industry. Cast house and die factory.

Our certificates & documents

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Avintes at a glance

  • Press: 1.600 TM 7’’
  • Profile weight: from 150 g/m to 2,4 kg/m.
  • Maximum round tube 90 mm.
  • Maximum square tube 90 mm.
  • Maximum rectangular tube 175 x 30 mm.
  • Cast house: billet production on requested alloys, maintaining our commitment to the environment and recycling process.
  • Die factory: continuous improvement reflected on extrusion performance.
  • Added value: I+D+i, cutting, punching, CNC machining, TB assembly, surface treatment.
  • Alloys: 6060, 6063, 6061, 6005A, 6082.