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Custom high-quality extrusions

We provide custom extrusion design and manufacturing.

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Extrusion product development

The concept is simple: You bring your ideas to us and begin discussing your requirements. Ideally, you will meet our technical resources as early as possible. Then we will find the solution together.

Keep learning

Hydro's design manual includes sections on designing with aluminium, alloy selection, joining, profile tolerances, surface quality and surface treatment, machining, corrosion and structural calculations. And a lot more.

We offer:

Contact us today. We want to become your long-term partner and contribute to your success.

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See this project

An offshore project unlike any other

The story behind System 2000 Group's aluminium extrusion-based application for the Rowan Norway offshore drilling rig is as successful as it is inspiring. It protects employees during drilling operations and enables 100 percent drilling productivity.

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