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Sustainable lighting with aluminium solutions

By illuminating the outside area where no infrastructure is available, the municipality of Rheden offers more security to its inhabitants in a sustainable way.

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Reliable and efficient

The Municipality Rheden revealed the first integrated aluminium solar panel light pole at the Priesnitz monument in Laag-Soeren, in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Soluxio's high efficiency makes the solar pole suitable even in regions where a relatively low amount of sun hours is available.

The Soluxio poles in Rheden have a height of 4.5 meters and are equipped with a single bracket at the top of the pole with a LED fixture type Mini Luma Philips.

100% self sufficient

The stand-alone Soluxio is the ideal solution in areas where no electricity network or infrastructure for lighting is present or where it needs to be replaced. The innovative solar pole charges itself by making use of highly efficient, integrated, cylindrical solar panels. Even in cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight the light pole still generates the desired amount of energy.

"Soluxio fits perfectly within the themes 'climate and energy' and 'sustainable procurement' that serve as a guideline for the CSR policy of Rheden," says alderman Ronald Haverkamp.

Smart city and IoT- ready

The built-in advanced wireless connectivity makes the Soluxio the perfect platform for smart city applications. The communication hardware and the data bus make it possible to connect additional features on the pole and to communicate over the internet.

Learn more on the dedicated Soluxio website.

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