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Sapa Precision Tubing Lichtervelde

Sapa Precision Tubing Lichtervelde has over 60 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-frequency welded aluminium tubes for applications in HVAC&R units, ladders, scaffolding, garden and camping equipment, aerials, roller blinds, telescopic shafts, conveyors and more. Our in-house remelt facility, cold rolling mill, slitter and tube mills enable us to offer customers a wide range of tailored solutions.

Sapa Precision Tubing Lichtervelde NV Kortemarkstraat 52 8810 Lichtervelde
+32 51 72 97 54 +32 51 72 21 26 Contact location

Our aluminium tubing manufacturing plant in Lichtervelde specializes in high-frequency welded aluminium tubes for a wide range of applications.

General terms & conditions of sale / Certificates

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Aluminium education

Training manual for HVACR aluminium

Sapa's new HVAC&R Applications Manual is for engineers, designers and purchasing professionals from companies that are manufacturing copper-based heat exchangers but considering aluminium solutions. It is for beginners, too.

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