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All-aluminum AC line sets

All-aluminum line sets represent an alternative to copper that can reduce the weight and decrease the cost of your air-conditioning unit.

Image Line sets.jpg

Lower weight per length

When you use aluminum instead of copper for your HVAC&R line sets, you decrease the weight per length significantly. This benefits installation and transportation. Aluminum is also cost-efficient and fully recyclable.

Hydro offers suction lines with insulation, and liquid lines with or without insulation. This insulation is M1 flame retardant and can be supplied with meter marking. You can also order your lines with polyamide Hycot coating, the most robust solution on the market.

Low maintenance and low corrosion line sets

HyLife® aluminum lines provide you with the most optimal alloy and property combination dedicated to HVAC&R applications. We have tested these lines extensively in our laboratories and guarantee that your HyLife® products will last longer than the lifetime of the individual air-conditioning unit, with no maintenance and no corrosion.

Contact us to learn more about our range of all-aluminum line sets.