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Poles for railway infrastructure

Sapa provides aluminum signal and lighting poles for railway infrastructure.

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Cost-effective and low-maintenance poles for railway stations

Signal and lighting poles at railway stations and along the tracks can be costly to install and to maintain. We offer a raise-and-lower pole. It can be used for signals, lights and cameras.

This hinged pole can be as high as eight meters – approximately 26 feet – and can be lowered by one person. It reduces maintenance costs and negates the need for additional workers or boom lifts.

Hinge mechanism

The hinge mechanism is built within the body of the extruded aluminum pole and is invisible to the untrained eye. This is ideal in locations where vandalism is an issue because it does not draw attention.

It is quick, simple and safe to handle by one person due to the low weight of the aluminum material.

We can also add anti-vandalism pins to poles, such as those with cameras, to ensure that your cameras will not be reached.

Contact us today to talk about how we can solve your rail infrastructure needs. 

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