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Hydro's Extruded Solutions employs close to 1,400 people in Poland. We have aluminium manufacturing plants in Chrzanów, Lodz and Trzcianka, and aluminium building systems companies in Lodz and Warsaw. We deliver solutions to customers in many industries, including automotive and building and construction.

Hydro Building Systems Poland

Hydro Building Systems sp.z.o.o ul. Minska 63 A 03-828 Warszawa
Contact location

Hydro Extrusion Poland sp. z o.o.

Hydro Extrusion Poland sp. z o.o. Kopernika 18, Skr.pocztowa 102 64-980 Trzcianka
+48 67 352 51 05 +48 67 356 71 40 Contact location

Hydro Extrusion Poland

Hydro Extrusion Poland sp. z o.o. ul. Hydro 1 32-500 Chrzanów
+48 32 625 80 00 +48 32 625 80 01 Contact location

Hydro Extrusion Poland

Sapa Aluminium Łódź

Hydro Extrusion Poland sp. z o.o. Ul.Graniczna 64/66 93-428 Łódź
+48 728 431 101 +48 42 683 63 03 Contact location

Image Sapa-Portland-1451-1__20feb.jpg
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Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable

We deliver around 1.4 million metric tons of aluminum products to customers every year. More than half of the metal had been used and recycled.

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3D software for your home improvements

Looking to upgrade your home? Now you can see exactly what it is going to look like. In 3D. In minutes. The future is already here.

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An offshore project unlike any other

The story behind System 2000 Group's aluminum extrusion-based application for the Rowan Norway offshore drilling rig is as successful as it is inspiring. It protects employees during drilling operations and enables 100 percent drilling productivity.

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