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Hydro's Extruded Solutions has about 1,100 employees in Sweden. We have manufacturing plants in Finspång and Vetlanda, an aluminium casthouse in Sjunnen, and aluminium building systems facilities in Vetlanda and Växjö. Our R&D center, Innovation & Technology, is located in Finspång. Extruded Solutions was founded in Sweden, with our first production plant set up in Vetlanda in 1963.

Hydro Extrusion Finspång

Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB Myrkarrsvagen 1 Box 72 612 31 Finspång
+46 122 120 50 +46 122 101 83 Contact location

Hydro Extrusion Gothenburg (Sales Office)

Hydro Extrusion Sweden AB Molndalsvagen 30c 412 63 Gothenburg
+46 31 80 76 20 +46 31 15 37 22 Contact location

Innovation & Technology Finspång

Innovation & Technology is Hydro Extruded Solution’s Innovation & Technology resource. It stimulates and takes an active part in business and technical development of products and processes throughout the group.

Hydro Extruded Solutions AB Kanalgatan 1 612 81 Finspang
+46 122 170 00 +46 122 124 87 Contact location

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Case studies

To the top in Stockholm's tallest residential building

Kista Tower offers spectacular views of Sweden's capital city, partly due to the façade and window systems delivered by the aluminium building systems brand Wicona.

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Meet our employees

Meet Åsa

Åsa works at our anodizing plant in Vetlanda, and has recently moved into her dreamhouse in the countryside with her husband and their two young boys.

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