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Aluminum Deck Railing

Aluminum deck railing systems by Hydro Extrusions offer high-quality architectural enhancement for residential and commercial applications. They consist of high quality extruded framing members, engineered to be simple and flexible. Standard and custom shapes and styles are shipped in pre-assembled sections, substantially reducing installation time.

“Deck railings” refer to the complete unit that is placed at the edge of a deck to prevent people from falling, and includes posts, panels, balusters, rungs, and handrails. Safety is the primary consideration behind the installation of railings, but aesthetic design and maintenance are also important factors.

Common uses for aluminum railings include high-rise balconies, entryways, deck and patio railings, swimming pools surrounds, stairways and guard rails. They are:

Practical. Aluminum railings are lightweight, strong, durable, and rust and corrosion free. They require little to no maintenance and are long-lasting, making them a practical, sound and cost-effective investment.
Durable. Unlike wood railings, aluminum railings will never rot, warp, crack, split, twist, splinter, mold or mildew from environmental influences. They do not need to be refinished or replaced, and require no scraping, sanding, painting or staining to keep them looking their best.
Attractive and versatile. Standard and custom colors are available with anodized or baked-on enamel finishing. They can be powder-coated for enhanced rust-resistance. A variety of patterns, designs and configurations allow them to blend with surrounding architecture. Commercial Class One clean and bronze anodizing is also available.
Safe. Aluminum railings are ideal for cold-weather applications because cold strengthens the metal. However, aluminum also conducts heat well and will stay cool to the touch even in high temperatures. Railing openings are typically less than 4” and conform to the requirements of the Uniform Commercial Building Code, AASHTO, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Railing Components

Posts keep the deck railing upright, sturdy and safe. They can hold up traditional balusters or spindles, or provide the framework for a cable rail system or tempered glass panels. Balusters and spindles are the traditional pickets that run vertically along the railing, and provide protection. Cable rails don’t block the surrounding view.

The handrail runs across the top of the posts and balusters and is comfortable to grip or lean on when looking over the side of the deck or walking down stairs. Post caps or finials sit on top of the post and add a decorative touch.

6000 Series Aluminum

High grade aluminum alloys provide a lifetime of performance for deck railings. The all-purpose 6061 alloy contains less copper and more silicon, making it stronger than 6063 alloy at 45,000psi tensile strength and 40,000psi yield strength. 6061 aluminum is used extensively as a structural construction material and is widely used for projects where light weight and corrosion resistance are a concern.

6063 alloy is a lower-strength choice for structural applications with a tensile strength of 27,000psi and yield strength of 32,000psi. It is generally produced in sizes that accommodate thinner wall design and features better resistance to corrosion and better finishing qualities than 6061 alloy. 6063 aluminum is easy to weld, anodize, cut and machine. It is also one of the most joinable alloys available, and is an excellent choice for gates, railing, fencing, frame work, support columns, and protective barriers.

Hydro Extrusions is the world’s largest soft alloy aluminum extruder.

We excel at project management and sales support with comprehensive fabricating services, advanced painting and anodizing capabilities, order coordination, and more. With our wealth of experience, we are able to offer a full range of profiles, fabrication and assembly services for aluminum deck railing, ladders and framing structures of all types.