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Aluminum Extrusions Manufacturer in Tennessee

As the leading aluminum extrusions manufacturer serving the Tennessee area, Hydro Extrusions offers decades of global expertise in everything from design and engineering to fabrication and finishing to assembly and packaging. With 23 plants and 65 extrusions presses across North America, we are the world’s leading soft alloy aluminum extruder with the industry’s broadest capabilities in profile types, alloy selection, press sizes (direct and indirect), circle sizes and “green” billet.

Hydro Extrusions provides a wide-ranging suite of services for clients in all consumer, commercial, and industrial markets, with a special focus on Tennessee’s largest manufacturing sector – the automotive industry.

Our facilities in Connersville, Elkhart and North Liberty, Indiana, are equipped with an extensive range of extrusion presses, including 1,675 ton (7"), 2,000 ton (9"), 3,600 ton (10"), 3,600 ton (12") and 6,000 ton (14", 16”), and have the ability to supply all shapes, alloys and tempers, ranging in size from one millimeter to several feet long. Alloy expertise includes 6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, and 6105, and the North Liberty plant specialized in knurling for non-skid floor systems and complex hollow profiles.

Hydro Belton, SC offers expertise in 6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6101, 6105 alloys, in standard and special tempers, that will satisfy your most complicated design requirements. The facility is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing machinery, a skilled team, and the expertise necessary to manage any product. Secondary fabrication capabilities include light assembly, cut-to-length, punching, notching, stamping, drilling, miter cuts, and CNC machining.

Aluminum in Vehicles

As corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) regulations loom, automakers have intensified their weight-reduction efforts and found that aluminum offers the ideal engineering solution.

With a density 1/3 that of steel, aluminum in passenger vehicles can deliver significant weight savings and improved fuel economy. Innovations in the auto industry include:

•Tesla Model S – The all-aluminum electric performance sedan has been awarded Car of the Year by Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend, and was Consumer Reports’ top scoring car ever. The Tesla Model S has a 5-star safety rating and gets the equivalent of 89 miles per gallon combined fuel economy.
•2015 Ford F-150 – The redesigned pickup truck has a military grade aluminum alloy body which shaved 700 pounds off of the vehicle’s total weight and boosted its fuel economy to 22mpg combined, the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy rating among gas-powered light-duty pickups. The aluminum F-150 was awarded Truck Trend’s 2015 Pickup of the Year.
•Range Rover – The full-size SUV’s all-aluminum structure and new 3.0-liter V6 supercharged engine, combined to improve its performance and fuel economy. With a body that’s 39% lighter than its predecessor, the Range Rover offers 22.1 mpg fuel efficiency.
•Corvette Stingray – The vehicle’s new aluminum frame is 100 pounds lighter than its predecessor, but 57% stiffer. It delivers 29 mpg in combined fuel economy without any reduction in power.

With other vehicles on the horizon from Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Fiat Chrysler and other manufacturers that will maximize aluminum usage in their products, Hydro Extrusions has the unprecedented capacity to provide extruded product solutions in the areas of front bumper, radiator and door protection beams, crash boxes, roof rails, cant rails, side members, rear seat structures, and sun roof frame components.

Hydro provides advanced painting facilities (including our high speed vertical powder coating line), anodizing and special coatings, as well as complete fabricating services, from precision cutting to semi-finished and fully finished parts and assemblies that meet AAMA Specifications and CSI Codes.

When your Tennessee business is looking for an aluminum extrusions manufacturer to partner with, Hydro Extrusions has the engineering proficiency to ensure the right application, best design and correct fit every time.