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Automotive Alloys

As the leading producer of common alloy extruded aluminum products in North America, Hydro Extrusions produces automotive alloys in the 6000 and 7000 series, and offers an extensive product line for all types of light vehicles and heavy duty trucks. We have the ability to develop innovative solutions for your most challenging applications.

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Hydro's innovative, solution driven focus centers on providing customers with a wide range of 6000 and 7000 series extruded aluminum products in standard and custom solid and hollow shapes, rod and bar products and seamless and structural pipe and tube. Our advanced processing and heat-treating equipment allow us to create uniform grain and microstructure, with a comprehensive selection of tempers for use in automotive applications and a wide range of other industries.

6005/6005A Alloy

Alloys 6005 and 6005A have good extrusion characteristics. The chemical compositions of these alloys are different, however, and it’s important to take this into consideration when deciding which alloy will be best in your application.

Alloy 6005/6005A can be welded or brazed using a variety of commercial methods, but the heat from welding can reduce its strength. These alloys also offer good corrosion resistance and finishing characteristics, and respond well to common anodizing methods such as clear, clear and color dye, and hardcoat.

Typical automotive applications for 6005 alloy include automotive connector stock and structural members, while 6005A alloy is seen in truck, trailer, automotive, bus, and rail components.

6061 Alloy

This medium-to-high-strength heat-treatable alloy is tough but can be easily welded and joined or anodized. Alloy 6061 is easily extruded, rolled and forged, making it a satisfactory substitute for mild steel products. It is highly resistant to environmental corrosion and is popular for railroad applications and marine projects. It is the most versatile and least expensive of the heat-treatable aluminum alloys and is used where appearance and moderate strength are needed.

Alloy 6061 is used extensively as a construction material, most commonly in the manufacture of automotive components. It is available in a wide range of structural shapes and favored for its solid mechanical capabilities and superior weldability.

6082 Alloy

In plate form, 6082 is the most commonly used alloy for general machining. It has replaced 6061 alloy in many applications, primarily because of its higher strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It also has good finishing characteristics and responds well to the most common anodic coatings (e.g., clear, clear and dye, hardcoat).

The most common tempers Sapa offers for alloy 6082 include: F, -T4, -T5, -T5511, -T6, -T6511 and O, and different tempers are recommended for different applications, based on whether it will be bent and formed or machined.

As a result of its excellent mechanical properties, good characteristics and light weight, Alloy 6082-T6 is typically found in automobile and high-speed rail applications, as well as in scaffolding, bridges and general engineering.

Hydro Extrusions offer automotive alloys and extrusion solutions for virtually any unique application. We design and manufacture extrusion tooling using the latest technology and CAD/CAM design. Our expert staff of metallurgists and engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists can provide everything you need to create your custom extruded aluminum products.