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Automotive Aluminum Extrusions

Hydro Extrusions is the world leader in automotive aluminum extrusions, producing an extensive product line for all types of light vehicles and heavy duty trucks in locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We have the ability to develop solutions for your most demanding applications.

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More than 100 years ago, car manufacturers recognized aluminum’s vast potential, unveiling an aluminum-body sports car for the Berlin International Motor Show in 1899. In 1901, Carl Benz developed the first engine using aluminum parts. In spite of its light weight and corrosion resistance, high prices and lack of knowledge about working the metal hampered its progress.

In 1961, the British Land Rover company produced V-8 engine blocks made with aluminum cylinders and progress was underway. The use of aluminum in automobiles has grown continuously for 40 years. The metal is now second only to steel as the most used material in vehicles for impact protection, suspension, the chassis, cylinder blocks, brake modules, trim and other components.

Hydro's years of experience in aluminum profiles result in a full range of fabrication and assembly expertise, from Friction Stir Welding to sub-assemblies to complete structures… solutions that help reduce manufacturing costs and improve productivity.

In the automotive area, our extrusion capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Front bumper beams
Crash boxes
Radiator beams
Roof rails
Cant rails
Sun roof frame components
Rear seat structures
Side members
Door protection beams
Luggage cover profiles
Product capabilities in the heavy truck category include:

Front and rear underrun protection
Side protection beams
Roof components
Curtain rails
Pan rings
Bed support profiles
Foot steps
In terms of safety and performance, aluminum’s light weight allows for thicker body panels with better dent resistance. Aluminum body structures are equal or superior in strength to steel and absorb twice the crash energy.

Aside from its weight and strength, aluminum offers a multitude of environmental advantages in the automobile and transit industries.

Compared to a fleet of steel vehicles, a vehicle with aluminum components can be as much as 25% lighter, reducing fuel consumption by approximate one half-gallon per 60 miles and saving the equivalent of 108 million barrels of crude oil.

Aluminum is also extremely recyclable. More than 90% of all automotive aluminum scrap is recovered and recycled. This equates to more than 500,000 tons per year, saving the energy equivalent of over one billion gallons of gasoline. The experts also believe that aluminum has a 20% smaller lifecycle CO2 footprint, significantly reducing harmful emissions.

Hydro offers the industry’s broadest extrusions product line with an unmatched choice of alloys, circle sizes up to 22.5˝ and complete fabrication services in standard and specialty products. From precision products for machining… to engineered and fabricated custom shapes for consumer products and appliances… to semi-fabricated and fully fabricated assemblies… to advanced products for thermal management and the LED industry, no one offers more cost-effective choices.

We look forward to meeting your needs for automotive aluminum extrusions and developing solutions for your requirements in commercial trucks/trailers, truck bodies, chassis and equipment, bus vehicles, rail systems, mass transit and marine transit.

Our innovative shapes and aerodynamic designs will give you more marketing opportunities and result in greater savings for end-users in product efficiency, longevity and load capacity.